A Source Close to Prince Harry Denies Claims He's "Insisting" on Publishing His Memoir in November

Amid the Queen’s passing, there’s been speculation that Prince Harry could delay the publication of his upcoming memoir until next year as the royal family mourns. However, royal biographer Tom Bower recently claimed that Harry was “insisting” on publishing the memoir in November—which a source close to Harry has now firmly denied.

Tom Bower made his comments about Harry’s memoir publication to GB News, saying “I am told tonight that Harry is insisting that his book is published in November. Apparently the publishers are not too certain, but he says if they don’t publish it will be a breach of contract. That’s what I’m told. It’s extraordinary. But on the other hand it fits the bill, because Harry and Meghan’s finances depend entirely on the book and on Netflix. And also, I think they are convinced they’re in the right and they want to get their own back.”

But in the wake of these comments ^^^ The Sun reports that a source “close to Harry” has “denied the allegations Bower made.” And to be clear, Harry himself has not made one single comment about his memoir beyond this personal statement at the time of its announcement:

Meanwhile, Penguin Random House hasn’t confirmed a publishing date.

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