Amanda Holden declares herself ‘brilliant’ in bed in new TV confession

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Amanda Holden made it sound as though she was all set to reveal some sizzling secrets – but then the conversation turned to sleeping positions instead. The 51-year-old’s fans caught a fresh glimpse of the show on Friday evening on BBC One and labelled the banter between her and Alan the “best ever”. 

The pair were scouring a furniture shop in pursuit of a mattress, as they sought ways to decorate one of their two newly acquired Sicilian apartments.

Alan turned to Amanda and asked if she was good in bed, only for her to reply: “”I’m brilliant apparently!”

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, who previously stated she still wants men to wolf-whistle at her even when she’s a pensioner, added jokily: “Of course I’m going to say that!”

Alan then reworded his question more innocently, enquiring: “No, I mean do you move around?”

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Lying perfectly still on one of the furniture store’s show beds, she hit back: “I sleep like this and I don’t move!”

The pair’s chemistry was branded “off the scale” by Twitter fans, thanks to their playful banter and cheeky quips.

They have been attempting to renovate the apartment space together in spite of endless mishaps – and Amanda at one point wondered whether she had seen faeces smeared up the walls.

Fans have been seeing a side to Amanda that they may not have been expecting, after she swapped chic designer dresses for boiler suits and helmets and got her hands dirty.

Amanda has also admitted that recent renovations had left her suffering a “sore back”, while she joked she’d also broken “a couple of nails”.

“We bashed walls down, we took metalwork off, we took windows out, we bricklaid,” she exclaimed earlier this month, discussing her time on the show.

Alan chimed in to say he now had a newfound respect for tradespeople and the sheer amount of physical effort they expend while at work.

While Amanda, like Alan, has a passion for travel, her Sicily filming sessions temporarily took her away from glamorous and glitzy outfits and scantily clad poolside photoshoots as she knuckled down for something more serious.

She has vowed that they “genuinely did” get involved with the dirty work for the show.

One Twitter user praised today that the pair’s “lil jaunt” was “a home-run for the BBC”, adding: “It’s the perfect mix of comedy, travel, interior design and genuine heartwarming moments.”

Meanwhile, although the saucy side of Amanda didn’t quite emerge on the set of the Italian Job, she has certainly made references to it in the recent past.

From bouncing naked together on the trampoline to enjoying a “primal” love life, Amanda has made it clear that her partnership with her husband Chris Hughes certainly hasn’t lost its spark.

“He can’t keep his hands off me… [he’s] up for it any time!” she revealed candidly to the Sun.

“I actually tell him off because I say ‘I don’t want to have a kiss and a grope while I’m trying to load the dishwasher,” she joked.

She has also admitted to enjoying impromptu stripping sessions at home, jokingly branding herself the “Naked Chef”.

“It’s absolutely par for the course for me to walk around with no clothes on in our house,” she previously joked to You Magazine.

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