Antiques Roadshow’s Theo Burrell updates fans on ‘tough’ time with brain tumour

Theo Burrell on Antiques Roadshow in 2020

Antiques Roadshow’s Theo Burrell revealed that she’s had a “tough” time with “scrambled” thoughts in the two weeks since she returned to work, as she shared her health status on Instagram.

“So the last couple of weeks have been a bit tough, mentally,” she admitted to her 547 followers, after returning to her Lyon and Turnbull job in Edinburgh on August 2.

“Sometimes the enormity of a GBM [glioblastoma] is enough to scramble what’s left of my healthy brain,” the 36-year-old mused.

“Time to try and get back to day-to-day living. In other news, quite a decent rainbow over the fields in East Lothian!” the antiques expert enthused, attaching a picture taken in the peaceful countryside.

Theo underwent months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, plus brain surgery, in a bid to keep the cancer “under control” and improve her quality of life.

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She had received the “devastating” diagnosis when her son was just a year old, causing “everything to change overnight”.

The TV star told the Daily Mail at the time: “Suddenly I’d gone from being a healthy person in the middle of my life with a new baby to having incurable cancer with maybe one or two years left to live.”

However, she’d kicked off the summer on a positive note when she triumphantly shared a photo of herself and a pal dining at a restaurant and celebrated life.

“I didn’t think I’d still be alive. I didn’t think I had a hope of being well. But I am,” she wrote on Instagram.

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“It will change, but right now I’m ok. I know this is not how it is for everyone, but if you’ve just been diagnosed, have hope if you can.”

She added: “Let’s keep fighting, keep raising awareness, keep showing that we matter and that we do not accept being overlooked.”

Theo, who joined the Antiques Roadshow team back in 2018, has also announced that she’ll be taking part in a fundraising walk for the Brain Tumour Research charity.

She’ll be accompanied by her faithful canine companion Cooper, her mascot, for the 8km Walk of Hope, and members of her family and friends.

“We’re walking 8km for the charity – which for me after a year in bed is quite a long way!” she wrote on Instagram last week.

@braintumourrsch replied: “Thank you for all you are doing. We look forward to welcoming you and your team to the #walkofhope and meeting Cooper, who looks very handsome. We will be there to support you all the way.”

Meanwhile, Theo spoke of her joy about returning to work, admitting that “the fatigue is extremely real”, but that she’s delighted to be back to a degree of normal life.

“Make no mistake, this is not a moan,” she insisted, adding: “I’m extremely pleased I’m still here, even if I am in sloth mode!”

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