Ashley Martson Slams Luis Mendez for Flirty DMs: I’m Not THAT Desperate!

In September, Ashley Martson dumped Jay Smith for the fourth and hopefully final time after he once again cheated.

It didn’t take long for a different 90 Day Fiance scammer to slide into her DMs.

Ashley Martson is calling out Luis Mendez for trying to hit her up.

She posted a screenshot to her Instagram Stories.

Luis had responded to one of her recent posts with a laughing emoji, and had DMed her with “What’s up?”

“Coming from a girl who was used and been incredibly hurt going through the K1 visa process …” Ashley wrote in a public response.

She was very clearly describing herself.

“Trust me,” she announced, “I’m not interested in talking to you.”

“I stand with my girl,” she wrote in conclusion.

Ashley then tagged Luis’ ex-wife, Molly Hopkins.

It seems that she might be entertained by the shenanigans that her ex-husband is trying to pull on other stars.

Molly met Luis while she was on vacation.

Despite their substantial age gap of two decades, they hit it off.

Luis came to the US on a K-1 visa to be with Molly in Georgia.

Things quickly fell apart, however, with intense arguments, jealousy issues, and more.

The two split and soon divorced.

Luis very quickly moved on, something that has made Molly second-guess their entire relationship.

Ashley announced that she and Jay were over (again) on September 19 of this year.

Precisely two years earlier, on that day in 2018, Luis reached a relationship milestone of his own.

He married his new bride at that time. It is our understanding that they are still married.

For that reason, maybe Ashley should have been tagging Luis’ wife, though we don’t really know much about her, let alone her social media handles.

We do know that it seems that she is not able to sponsor him for a K-1 or spousal visa in the way that Molly was.

Because these days, Luis could be deported back to the Dominican Republic any day now.

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Perhaps Luis was simply being friendly … in the DMs of an American woman who is very recently single.

Or maybe, fans suspect, he was looking for a financially secure, emotionally vulnerable woman … one whom he believes can be manipulated.

Unlike Jay Smith, however, it doesn’t look like Luis had any luck pulling Ashley’s strings.

It’s not that Ashley isn’t in the market.

One of her Instagram Stories from this week is about her being thirsty at Sherwin Williams.

But thirsting after random dudes (and after spending this year in lockdown, a lot of people are hungry for every other stranger) is a far cry from falling for Luis’ DMs.

Ashley is hopefully taking this time to herself to heal and of course to go through with her divorce from Jay.

Despite his multiple cheating instances, he refused all of last year to grant Ashley the divorce that she repeatedly begged him to sign off on.

Hopefully, this time will be different and she can get closure an move on.

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