B2K’s Raz-B Placed on 72-Hour Hold After Breaking Hospital Window and Climbing Onto Roof

Police are called to Saint Luke’s Hospital as the ‘Fire’ singer climbs onto the ledge of the building after he repeatedly said that he didn’t feel safe in an Instagram post.

AceShowbizB2K‘s member Raz-B has raised serious concern about his mental health. The singer/actor has broken a window at a hospital in Kansas City and climbed onto the building’s roof, forcing police to get involved.

The alarming incident went down on Thursday morning, May 25. In a video taken by onlookers, the R&B artist climbed onto the ledge of the building while wearing what looks like a blue hospital outfit. It’s not clear why he went there, but the sighting left the onlookers watch in horror.

Law enforcement confirms to TMZ that officers were dispatched to Saint Luke’s Hospital at 10:20 A.M. following a report about the incident. Cops say the fire department responded to the scene too.

There was concern Raz might jump off the ledge, so they placed mats down below as precaution. A negotiator got involved and Raz eventually came back through the window. He was then treated by medical staff.

The scary incident went down just hours after Raz posted a video in which he repeatedly said that he didn’t “feel safe.” In the clip uploaded to his Instagram page on Wednesday, he claimed he was at a hotel in Kansas City.

“All day I’ve been trying to clear miscommunication,” he said while filming himself, who was wearing a white T-shirt. “I’m letting everybody know right now … I don’t feel safe. I’m in Kansas City. I’m at the Hilton hotel.”

“I’m telling everybody right now I don’t feel safe,” he further claimed. “No, I’m not good.” He asked his friend to “come and get me right now,” before clarifying, “I’m not saying something is going on. I’m just letting my people know I don’t feel safe.”

Still, he was grateful for the staff’s help. “And everybody has been very helpful here. Thank you. Thank you, man. I appreciate your service,” he said, before stressing, “I’m not trying to go to war with anybody. I’m just trying to put Raz-B in safe space. So Raz-B can check into a facility.”

Fearing for his safety, he stated, “I’m not going to sleep,” before insisting, “I’m not having a mental breakdown.” In the caption, he wrote along with the address of his supposed location, “My brother is full of s**t !!! I’ve been fighting to stay alive ,I don’t wanna have this surgery here …”

Raz, born De’Mario Monte Thornton, has since been placed on a 72-hour hold by Kansas City police, according to his brother Ricky Romance.

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