Bethenny Frankel is ‘abrasive,’ ‘secretly despised’ by contestants on her reality show

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Bethenny Frankel has a reality show on HBO Max called The Big Shot with Bethenny, the entire series is available now. It’s a competition show in the vein of The Apprentice in which people compete to work as the VP of Operations for Bethenny’s company. I’m sure some of you have watched it and will have more insight into this story, which I appreciate. I’m just going by In Touch’s writeup and the one episode I saw. All of this rings true, especially given what I know about Bethenny. They say that the contestants secretly despise Bethenny and that “she comes across as a horrible boss.”

“All the contestants on [Bethenny’s] new HBO Max series are doing backflips to impress her, but it’s never enough, and they secretly despise her,” a source tells In Touch. (A rep for Bethenny denies the story.) On the show, the next generation of business moguls compete for a chance to be second-in-command to the Skinnygirl founder, 50. “She’s abrasive. One of the contestants, DJ Nicole Rose, left in tears and said Bethenny was either yelling at her every 20 minutes or making fun of her,” adds the source. “The show may be a showcase for Bethenny and Skinnygirl, but it doesn’t make you like her. She comes across as a horrible boss.”

[From In Touch, print edition, June 14, 2021]

Given the nature of reality shows, Bethenny is surely being condensed down to her worst moments, which she deserves. I watched episode three and everyone was trying to suck up to Bethenny and figure out what she wanted. She was incredibly demanding and rude to contestants and they were afraid to question her. She practically told them that they needed to anticipate her needs instead of her having ask for things. She criticized one person for being too assertive and another for being too nice and accommodating. It bothers me that HBO Max is airing this show when it’s so similar to The Apprentice. That whole concept should have been put to pasture, but American reality shows are rarely humane or accurate. It’s not surprising at all that Bethenny is abrasive, that she’s emotionally manipulative to contestants, and that this showcases that. I would say that this doesn’t have consequences beyond this series, but Trump went on to be the worst President in history and to cause countless suffering and death. Bad things happen when narcissistic A-holes running companies are given media platforms.

Highlight this paragraph for spoiler. In the episode I watched, Bethenny kicked off the only Black person left on the show, a man, and told him he could have a lower personal assistant job instead of continuing in the competition for a place as VP.

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A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel)

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