Bigg Boss 14, Day 25, Twitter reactions: Fans are divided over Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya’s oxygen mask task fight for nomination

Bigg Boss 14 house was full of drama today. The show has turned out to be really interesting and today was a hectic day. It was a nomination special episode and the contestants left no stone unturned to save themselves from nominations. The contestants were given a task to be played in pairs. Each pair has to sit on a spaceship and then debate as to why one should be safe and in the green zone of the house, while the other should be nominated and be restricted in the red zone. A mask on the table will decide their fate. As per the red, yellow and green signals, the contestants have to ensure that they retain the mask in their hand to make their way into the green zone. However, if both the contestants do not have the masks with them by the end, then both of them will be sent to the red zone. Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli go first. Nikki reaches the spaceship and grabs the mask even before Rahul Vaidya could even reach there. Rahul asks her to keep the mask in the center as he was not even on the spaceship when she grabbed it.

Nikki does not agree and asks him to begin the debate. She tells him he is not entertaining like her and Rahul gives it back by saying that if shouting and talking continuously is entertaining then Nikki is wrong. They go on talking and Rahul keeps requesting Nikki to keep the mask. She does not agree and Rahul tries to snatch it from her but she does not give and goes away. She then puts the oxygen mask in her pant so that Rahul cannot touch it. Rahul asks her not to play this dirty move but she does not listen. In the end, all the contestants go against Nikki and say that she has played it in a cheap way. Rahul Vaidya cries because of Nikki’s unexpected move. However, Twitter is divided over this oxygen mask fight between Rahul and Nikki. Some of the fans feel that this was a cheap move while some feel Nikki was right in doing that. A few have praised Rahul for playing well with respect. Some feel that Nikki was not wrong in hiding the mask in her pant. Take a look at the reactions here:

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