Bigg Boss 14: Do you agree with Kavita Kaushik that Rubina Dilaik is spoiling Abhinav Shukla’s game? Vote Now

Bigg Boss 14 has seen the entry of Kavita Kaushik. The person who is happiest to see her inside the house is Eijaz Khan. She is one of his few friends from the TV industry. With the original lot of contestants serving such bland content, makers have pinned hopes on Kavita Kaushik. The TV diva has made sure her presence is marked with a bang. She has a conversation with Eijaz Khan. She tells him that he is trying to copy Sidharth Shukla, which is not a good thing. Later, she starts talking about Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. Now, Abhinav Shukla is a very good friend of Ronnit Biswas and Kavita Kaushik.

She tells Eijaz Khan that Rubina Dilaik is acting very insecure inside the house. She says Rubina is responsible for ruining the game of Abhinav Shukla. She says he is only being seen as her husband. Kavita Kaushik talks about how she raised an unnecessary fuss about the saaman comment of Salman Khan. Kavita Kaushik says if she is so sensitive then Bigg Boss is just not the show for her. Eijaz Khan and Nikki Tamboli seem to agree with her.

Rubina Dilaik has said that she felt it was derogatory for her husband. She says she managed to convince him for the show. It seems Abhinav Shukla is not a fan of Bigg Boss. He has not seen any of the prior seasons as well. Rubina said she is okay to leave the show if people feel she is unsuitable. The lady it is tough for her to see her husband being disrespected on the show. Now, do you agree with what Kavita Kaushik feels about #RubiNav. People have liked how she is taking a stand for her husband. The housemates feel that Abhinav is kind of a weirdo as he discusses things unrelated to the house.

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