Bigg Boss 14: Do you think Jasmin Bhasin was unfair to Rahul Vaidya for not giving him a chance to return to the green zone? — vote now

Bigg Boss 14 has been going on well but the show did not manage to win hearts. The contestants have been quite laid back but they are slowly making things interesting in the show. Yesterday’s episode was full of action and drama. Jasmin Bhasin won the captaincy task and became the new captain of the house. We then saw the tabadla in the house where the red zone contestants get a chance to be back in the green zone. Bigg Boss announced that Jasmin Bhasin will have to choose 3 contestants from the red zone who will be given a chance to play a task and come back to the green zone. Jasmin Bhasin chooses Naina Singh, Shardul Pandit and Rubina Dilaik. She does not choose Rahul Vaidya giving the reason that he has got many chances in the show to prove himself. She said that she wants Naina and Shardul also to get a chance to prove themselves. Rahul Vaidya was quite upset with this and even told this to Jasmin. Jasmin sat with Rahul to clarify that she did not want Naina and Shardul to get eliminated like Kavita Kaushik without getting any chance.

She told him that if she had a chance to save all four then she would have saved Rahul. Rahul tells her he thought everything was fine between them and hence she could have saved him. Later Jasmin discusses the same with her BFF, Aly Goni who tells her that she did not do anything wrong and Rahul has not done anything great for her in the game that she needs to pay back. Jasmin stills goes and clarifies with Rahul that she does not have any enmity with him but she wanted Naina and Shardul to get a chance and she had promised Abhinav that she will save Rubina. Hence, we thought of asking fans whether they think Jasmin Bhasin was unfair to Rahul Vaidya for not giving him a chance to return to the green zone.

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