Bigg Boss 14: Has Nikki Tamboli found her new pawn in Kavita Kaushik after Jaan Kumar Sanu? Vote now

When Kavita Kaushik became the new captain in the Bigg Boss 14 house, Nikki Tamboli, who was earlier trying to be friends with Rahul Vaidya, made a sudden move of being at Kavita’s side. From revealing others’ secrets to supporting Kavita in her fights, Nikki has been trying to create a strong alliance with the FIR actress. And to some extent, it has paid off.

In the first round of the Batwara task, Kavita seemed pretty biased with her decision which seemed to favour Nikki who was in the Jasmin’s team. Though Kavita said she played fair, Rubina’s team felt that Kavita gave away the kitchen area to Jasmin just for the sake of her friendship with Nikki. And when she gave away the bedroom area to Rubina, Jasmin’s team felt the same.

When Abhinav allowed Nikki to sleep inside the house as she was unwell, she started collecting the makeup stuff to which she does not have access to. Eijaz, Abhinav and Rubina all asked her to leave the sleeping area on account of her actions, but Nikki remained unfazed. And even Kavita chose to be silent spectator despite knowing that Nikki was the only one who was creating chaos inside the house.

Next day, when Jasmin’s team was announced as the winner of the Batwara task, all the four members – Jasmin, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni and Nikki became eligible for the captaincy race. While Aly, Jasmin and Rahul said that they want Rahul to be the new captain, Nikki remained adamant that she will become the new captain and Kavita was seen advocating for Nikki.

Kavita was even heard saying that she will also reserve her support for Nikki and eventually the activity of mutually choosing a new captain was cancelled. Nikki kept making noise inside the house and once again Kavita chose to remain quiet for her friendship.

Many people felt that Nikki has been using Kavita as a stepping stone to move ahead in the game. While some said that Kavita was being biased towards Nikki, some were of the opinion that Nikki seems to have found her new pawn in Kavita after Jaan Kumar Sanu who kept supporting Nikki till the end.

To determine what majority of the audience feel about Kavita and Nikki’s alliance, we decided to conduct a poll which will help to bring a clear picture of the newfound friendship.

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