Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu on his bonding with Rahul Vaidya: It was a roller coaster relationship I had with him [EXCLUSIVE]

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu got evicted from the show last weekend. He had been playing well but could not win hearts. Jaan Sanu and Rahul Vaidya had a very curious equation in the house. Initially, both did not bond well, but later became friends. We saw them arguing and fighting and even taking a stand for each other. Now, post his eviction, he spoke about his equation with Rahul Vaidya in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife.

He said, “I had a rollercoaster relationship with Rahul. In the beginning, we did not like each other very much and it was mutual from both sides. But later, we got talking and we started connecting over music. Uske baad, dost bann gaye hum. We became a group, Rahul, Nishant, Nikki and me. Post that entire captaincy task, I sort of fell off with Rahul. Then he pulled up that entire controversial topic of nepotism and tagging me as a nepo kid. But later, he apologised and everything happened. I don’t keep stuff inside me for a long time. I don’t like to hold onto grudges and negative thoughts because it brings me down. I generally am a very forgiving person and I don’t take things too seriously.”

“Gusse mein insaan bahut kuch kar jata hai. Maine bhi bahut kuch kiya hai iss show mein. So I can understand that maybe he did not have any reason to nominate me and hence, he brought of the nepotism comment. We became friends in the end. We had become sort of real buddies, but maybe it wasn’t meant to last as I came out of the house. But while I was in the house, it was one of the most rollercoaster relations I had,” he added.

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