Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Singh Malkhani says Eijaz Khan is playing the character of a ‘psycho’, can even stab or kill someone to win

Bigg Boss 14 is picking up in terms of the way people are playing. In a recent episode, we saw Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shul, Kavita Kaushik and Nishant Singh Malkhani talking about Eijaz Khan. Rubina said that Eijaz has a flipping nature and he doesn’t stick to his words. Abhinav stated that Eijaz thinks that the game of Bigg Boss can only be won by manipulation, aggression and people who have humanity are boring and they should stay at home. On the other hand, Nishant said that Eijaz is playing a character of a psycho and feels that it is okay if you have to even stab or kill someone to win the game.

Kavita recently blasted out on Eijaz for calling her his best friend given that Kavita has never shared a bond with Eijaz outside the house. Kavita was upset that because of Eijaz she was not able to make connections with the other contestants and they have a preconceived notion about her. Eijaz questioned Kavita while she remained agitated and walked off.

In a recent episode, Eijaz told Pavitra Punia how madly he was infatuated by one of his co-dancers during his struggling days. Eijaz told Pavitra that he even gave away his bracelet to her. He said he used to call her up using public phonebooths while travelling to different cities on tours. He even thought of going to meet her but since he didn’t have enough money to spend, he dropped the idea of pursuing her. He told Pavitra he doesn’t remember her name or from where she was, but hinted that they first met in Toronto.

He also spoke about yet another girl he met in Hong Kong while shooting for a TV show wherein he was playing the lead. He recalled that he even bought her a jacket and asked her to keep it with her as a memory of him. He clarified that he wasn’t in love with her but loved spending time with her.

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