Bigg Boss 14 Preview: Eijaz Khan orders Jaan Kumar Sanu to put his hand in the toilet during a task

Bigg Boss 14 is considered as one of the boring seasons. The contestants of the show seem a bit laid but they have slowly started impressing fans. They have shown good energy in the show and are winning hearts now. In the previous seasons, we have seen the contestants doing something really dirty to win the task and this time too we will see that. As per the latest promo, we will see that the housemates are divided into two teams. One team is of the angels and the other is of the devils. The angels have to listen to what the devils say and if they do not listen the other team gets the point. Aly Goni, Eijaz Khan, Nikki Tamboli are the devils while Pavitra Punia, Jaan Sanu, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav are the angels. The devils are leaving no stone unturned to win the task.

Eijaz Khan orders Jaan Kumar Sanu to put his hand in the toilet. Jaan does that task and when he removes his hand it seems some water comes on Eijaz. Eijaz shouts at him and says that if it happens again he will ask Jaan to lick that hand he had put in the toilet. Jaan is upset with this and Abhinav tells him that they will test their patience. Later Nikki asks Rubina to bring her favourite soft toy and tear it off. Rubina uses the fork and acts as if she is trying. Nikki says that Rubina is just acting and did not tear it. Jasmin is the sanchalak and she says that Rubina has not denied their order so she can’t say anything. Eijaz tells everyone that Jasmin is playing for the opposite team. Jasmin tells Eijaz that Rubina did not deny and Eijaz tells her that she is being biased now.

Later Aly Goni tries to talk to Jasmin but she goes on explaining things to Eijaz and ignore Aly. Aly is upset and he shouts at Jasmin for ignoring what he is trying to say.

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