Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik asks Abhinav Shukla to SHUT UP as he corrects her Yoga pose

Bigg Boss 14 has been doing great and fans have started loving the new contestants. The initial episodes were boring but now the contestants are slowly opening up. Rubina and Abhinav had entered the show and were quite confused. They both had no idea how to adjust to this new environment as they had said they did not watch Bigg Boss. However, now they have finally adjusted and are playing the game well. Fans are loving the way Rubina has always taken a stand for herself and the way she puts all her efforts during the tasks. Abhinav and Rubina are inseparable and we have seen that during the oxygen mask task and also during the Karwa Chauth episode. We have also seen that Rubina and Abhinav are quite regular when it comes to fitness. Rubina gets up early and does her yoga every day. However, in a recent extra masala clip of Bigg Boss 14, we see the couple fighting over a yoga pose.

It happens so that Rubina is seen performing Suryanamaskar in the garden area. Abhinav Shukla sees her and scolds her for not doing the Yoga pose correctly. He is seated on the sofa and keeps guiding Rubina about her Yoga pose. While correcting her, Abhinav said, “Aise aadhe tedhe hone ka fayada nahi hai, agar Suryanamaskar nahi hota hai tumse toh.” However, Rubina gets irritated with Abhinav’s constant poking. She signs her husband with her hands. She moves her hands as if moving a scissor across her tongue and asks him to shut up. Abhinav does keep quiet but later again begins complaining about Rubina’s Yoga pose. He said, “Arey mujhe pata hai, maine bahot kiye hai..”

Rubina then laughs and continues her Yoga. This nok-jhok of the couple is too cute to handle. They both give #couplegoals and we love their bond.

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