Bigg Boss 14: Senior Sidharth Shukla unhappy with how the contestants are performing in the house

It looks like the maker’s decision to bring in past winners Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan as mentors for the contestants of Bigg Boss 14 isn’t helping the new entrants in the house, at least going by Sidharth’s recent reaction. The Bigg Boss 13 winner is clearly displeased with how the new contestants are going about their job even though the show has just begun, and has expressed in his concerns to Rahul Vaidya, citing how he finds the current seasons a bit off as compared to his time on the show last year.

In one of the unseen clips of Bigg Boss 14 under the ‘Extra Masala’ segment, Sidharth Shukla can be heard telling Rahul Vaidya, “You know what my issue is, when you’ve done a season (referring to himself), you’ve seen what all has happened till the very end, and now you see what all is happening. Now, you’ve returned, and you feel everything is wrong. Like, I felt, what is really happening. I know it’s only the second or third day, but I wonder, no, man…why isn’t anything happening, it’s not looking like that house,” to which Rahul replies, “It’s like you’ve played the finale of the World Cup at Wankhede stadium, and the next day, you’re being told to play Gully cricket.”

Sidharth then quickly counter him, and says, “No, you’re not getting it, it’s like you watched the World Cup final, the next day you’ve returned with that same high at Wankhede and only practice is happening. So, how you feel when only practice is happening, right? You want a match to happen again, you want to see things moving forward again. You feel like, what’s happening?” after which Rahul responds, “Bro, you’ve gone from level to to level ten to level one.”

We wonder is this will affect how Sidharth Shukla mentors the contestants going forward, and in what way.

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