Bigg Boss 14: ‘Sherni’ Aly Goni is all praise for BFF Jasmin Bhasin; Manu Punjabi also appreciates her for fab performance

Jasmin Bhasin fought like a tigress in last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 14. The lady gave one of the dialogues of the season when she told Eijaz Khan, ‘Tu Khan Toh Main Bhasin’. Jasmin was dragged on the field by four guys but she did not give up. Social media was in awe seeing her exemplary performance. Jasmin Bhasin was being trolled so far for her overtly emotional side on the show. However, she proved that she is no damsel in distress, and can play like a warrior. Good friend Sidharth Shukla was proud of her performance and hugged her. He told her that she was ‘Bohot Sexy’ in the task.

BFF Aly Goni who is closely observing the show for her is all praises. He tweeted that he was so proud and called her a ‘Sherni’. Manu Punjabi also praised her immensely.

Jasmin Bhasin was also too entertaining when she drew the eyebrows and danced like crazy before Gauahar Khan. Sidharth Shukla told her to take care of herself. She is also cooking good food. Jasmin told everyone that she learnt cooking as a kid. When she made something nice, she would get some cash from members of her joint family as an incentive.

She is surely emerging as a strong contestant. Her interaction with Salman Khan on the weekend was too entertaining. Way to go, girl!

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