Bill Maher Trashes Critics of MrBeast and Others Who Actually Do Good Deeds

Bill Maher can’t understand how people can criticize folks like MrBeast who are helping cure blindness, provide clean drinking water to villages that don’t have it, and on and on … well, actually he does understand — he says the critics are f**king idiots.

The “Real Time” host used MrBeast — an insanely popular YouTuber with 38 billion views — as an example of how we have lost all common sense and how lazy critics condemn acts of kindness and helpfulness that are objectively good.

Example — MrBeast gave a pile of loot to doctors to perform cataract surgeries to restore blindness. Buzzfeed, among others, condemned it, saying “MrBeast seemed to regard disabilities as something that needs to be solved.”  Seriously.

MrBeast has done so much more. Example — He funded 100 wells in Africa to provide clean drinking water to 500,000 people. He was condemned by a charity as a white male figure with a huge platform who was grabbing all the attention. As BM said, “You know what else is frustrating? Dying of thirst.”

And another example — MrBeast paid to rebuild an orphanage in Africa, and was trashed as being the classic “white savior.”

And this craziness even seeps into our government … the NIH proposed an amendment to axe the word “disability,” because it implies disabled people are flawed and need to be fixed. Bill says if he ever loses his sight or hearing, don’t praise him, fix him.

He goes on and on … but in this season of giving, why are we trashing the givers?

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