BTS: Jungkook gets his revenge from Suga who once stole his underwear – watch hilarious videos

BTS are very close to each other. So much so that they’ll keep pranking each other and pretend to be innocent. You’d even see them sharing some heartwarming moments, pulling each others’ legs quite often. For those not in the know, apart from doling out amazing songs and albums, BTS has also shot for variety shows. They have their own shows as well. You would have heard about Run BTS and Rookie King, the shows show BTS in their element and it’s fun to watch, tbh. So, here are two throwbacks featuring BTS’ rapper Suga aka Min Yoongi and the maknae Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook. In the first throwback, we will talk about Suga’s confession and in the second throwback, we will see how Jungkook concluded Suga’s confession.

It so happened that in one of Rookie King episodes, the boys were asked to honestly confess anything about one of the members of BTS. An when it was Suga’s turn. He confessed to stealing Jungkook’s undies once. Suga said, “Jungkook, you told me this a month ago that your black underwear is missing. Sorry, that was me.” Now, Jungkook is very particular about his things. He also doesn’t like sharing clothes. And despite knowing this fact, Suga had stolen his undies. Yes, you read that right. And not just that, the Ddaeng hitmaker challenged the rest of the members that he’d continue to steal their clothes. And guess what happened after that? Suga received a lot of gifts from the ARMY. And they were all undies!

Coming to the second part, once during an interview, Suga was asked that did he and Jungkook swap their undies Suga replied that he didn’t have to borrow undies anymore since he has been getting them a lot as gifts. He, however, added that his undergarments were disappearing all of a sudden. It was then Jungkook who revealed that it is his doing and that he was wearing it right now(then). The other BTS members confirmed it and Suga quipped that they should not confess to such things in interviews as it will come back to haunt them later. Well, there’s no going back now.

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