Cardi B takes shots at media in her new single Press | Bollywood Life

Rapper Cardi B has finally unleashed her new single “Press”.

The hard-hitting song finds the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker taking shots at the media and rapping about how she isn’t bothered by others who judge her, reports

Cardi first teased the song back in December 2018, when she posted on Instagram a video of her rapping to the tune in a recording studio. Earlier this week, she further teased the release by sharing a photograph of her recreating serial killer and prostitute Ailen Wuornos’ infamous mugshot.

“Press” will likely be included on Cardi B’s forthcoming sophomore album, which she hopes will be released before 2020.

“I’m starting to prepare myself now because I’m really trying to put out an album for this year. My last album, ‘Invasion of Privacy’, it just went three times platinum, so now it’s just like, ‘Aw snap. It’s big pressure on me.’ It’s like, ‘Aw snap, what the hell am I going to come up with?'” she said.

Hinting that she might be working with some not-so-popular musicians, she said: “There’s two boys that I met with, well two guys, two men, they’re not big artists. They are actually… they aren’t really well known, but they are amazing artists and I really want to put them on my album. You all will find out in October who they are.

“I’m not saying that my album is out in October, but you will see why.”

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