Cat Fights Off Coyote on Deck of Texas Beach House

Cats are a lot more scrappy and resourceful than we humans ever thought — and the evidence is right here … a whiskered warrior that wouldn’t let a coyote get the best of it!

Check out this insane video of a house cat being chased around a beach house deck in Surfside Beach, TX — where it’s about to be torn to pieces by a wild canine that made its way onto the property … which belongs to a guy named Tony Gray.

In his original post, he writes … “Someone almost lost a cat.” Keyword there is almost — because this kitty put up one hell of a fight to survive. And, in the end, it won.

Watch how the kitty outsmarts its opponent. It uses a foldable chair to its advantage and successfully evades the critter. After a lot of back and forth — and some close calls — the tabby goes all Sly Stallone on a nearby wooden beam … hanging on for dear life.

It seems the cat might’ve ended up with a few bite marks here and there … but it lived to fight another day, as the coyote trots away. Garfield here wasn’t taking any chances though.

There’s one life gone … 8 more to go.

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