Chicago Blackhawks' Jujhar Khaira KO'ed On Ice, Suffers 'Significant' Injury

4:00 PM PT — The Blackhawks say Khaira suffered a “significant” injury as a result of the hit … though they added he was released from the hospital Wednesday morning and “his prognosis is excellent.”

The team also said he’s expected to make a full recovery — but it still remains unclear when he’ll be able to return to the ice.

Scary moment in the NHL on Tuesday … Chicago Blackhawks winger Jujhar Khaira was knocked out after taking a violent shoulder to the face — and he was eventually hospitalized.

The horrifying scene all went down in the second period of the Hawks’ game against the Rangers in Chicago … when Khaira was blindsided by New York star Jacob Trouba.

You can see in footage of the play, Khaira’s head slammed hard off the ice after he took the hit … and he was immediately knocked unconscious.

The 27-year-old laid motionless for several seconds — and he was ultimately put on a stretcher and taken to a nearby medical facility.

Fortunately, the Blackhawks say Khaira is doing well … with head coach Derek King telling media members, “He’s up. He’s talking. He’s very responsive.”

“I think he wants to get back on the ice,” King added with a laugh.

Khaira — who’s played in 18 games for the Blackhawks this season — is expected to undergo several more tests to figure out just how bad his injuries are.

Get well soon!!

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