Chris Kattan: What destroyed my friendship with Will Ferrell

“Saturday Night Live” alum Chris Kattan claims in a new book that his friendship with “A Night At The Roxbury” co-star Will Ferrell was destroyed over an on-set relationship with the film’s director — which he says producer Lorne Michaels pressured him into.

In his explosive memoir, “Baby, Don’t Hurt Me,” Kattan revealed Michaels encouraged him to have sex with director Amy Heckerling so she would stay attached to the 1990s comedy film.

Kattan, then 27, said he initially rebuffed 43-year-old Heckerling’s advances, but he relented following a “furious” call from Michaels claiming the director might back out of the project.

The secret dalliances with Heckerling ultimately put a strain on his relationship with co-star Ferrell, according to Kattan.

“I had tried to hide my relationship with Amy, not realizing how obvious it had been to everyone else, including Will (not to mention that Lorne told him about it in the first place.),” Kattan wrote.

After the movie wrapped, Ferrell stopped responding to his calls and didn’t speak to him until they both returned to the “SNL” set for Season 23.

“So, I got all your messages, but I didn’t call you back because I didn’t want to talk to you,” Ferrell allegedly told Kattan.

Without citing a reason, Ferrell reportedly told his colleague that “I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I’m going to be professional and still work with you on the show, but that’s it.”

Kattan, however, said it was clear what was causing Ferrell’s hurt.

“I didn’t know or hadn’t let myself see until that moment that although the situation with Amy hadn’t directly involved Will, my actions and dishonesty had made him feel deceived and betrayed,” Kattan said.

“And now everything Will and I had done and shared — everything that had made us feel like a team, that incredible amount of trust that been built up — was broken,” he said.

A rep for Ferrell didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

An “SNL” spokesperson denied Kattan’s claims about Michaels saying, “This did not happen.”

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