Chrissy Teigen’s surprise news as she welcomes fourth baby via surrogate

Chrissy Teigen thought she had a twin

Chrissy Teigen revealed she has welcomed a baby boy via surrogate as the couple welcomed a new addition to their family.

The author, 37, and her husband John Legend, 44, named their son Wren Alexander Stephens and he was born Monday June 19.

The couple’s new arrival comes just five months after the family welcomed baby Esti.

Chrissy recently hit back at claims after she was accused of using a surrogate for the couple’s third child.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the model detailed the couple’s surrogacy journey before the arrival of their fourth baby.

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Chrissy opened up about her loss in 2020 which she went on to share was an abortion.

They lost their son Jack at 20 weeks as a result of a pregnancy complication and at the time, said it was a miscarriage.

Taking to Instagram today, Chrissy penned: “After losing Jack, I didn’t think I would be able to carry any more babies on my own.”

She admitted “blocking out the pain” and said she refused to go through it again and explained it was during this time the writer and her husband reached out to a surrogacy agency, in the hope of having twins.

While pregnant with her third baby she explained they patiently waited to hear the news about their surrogate’s baby journey.

“As we crept toward the safe zone of my own pregnancy, we were overjoyed to learn Alexandra had become pregnant with a little boy,” Chrissy penned. “Our little boy.”

She added: “Just minutes before midnight on June 19th, I got to witness the most beautiful woman, my friend, our surrogate, give birth amidst a bit of chaos, but with strength and pure joy and love.”

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