Coffin Ray Creature Washes Ashore on Australian Beach, Seems Otherworldly


It seemed like we finally had proof of life outside planet Earth when a bizarre-looking creature washed up on the Western shores of Australia … but now we know what it is, and it’s a real shock.

The blob has the appropriate name — Coffin Ray — aka a Numbfish.


Get this … Mr. Ray produces a shock of more than 200 volts  … it’s 20 times more powerful than the device divers use to shock sharks into retreat mode.


One of the folks who had a bad experience with a Coffin Ray compared it to touching an electric fence.

Although Coffin Rays don’t seem to like the U.S.A., divers say they’ve seen a bunch of them in the shallow waters of Australia, where they bury themselves in the sand.

Watch where you step, Aussies!

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