Coronavirus Pandemic: Divyanka Tripathi REVEALS that she is enjoying staying at home | Bollywood Life

In a recent interview, Divyanka Tripathi expressed her views on coronavirus and how she and husband Vivek Dahiya are taking safety measures against it

The outbreak of coronavirus has not only affected the life of normal people but also TV and Bollywood celebs as the shooting of all their ongoing and upcoming projects got cancelled. Popular TV actress, Divyanka Tripathi talked about coronavirus pandemic and told PinkVilla, “Things weren’t as bad when we headed to Bhopal during Holi, and I don’t think Madhya Pradesh has recorded any case yet so people are feeling safer there. However, the scenario in Mumbai is totally different and we (Vivek Dahiya and I) stay indoors and barely go out, ordering deliveries at home only. I think we have headed out barely twice over the past couple of days and trying to maintain hygiene, including anything that is delivered home. We have also kept hand sanitizers at home for times when anyone visits (laughs), like a prasad in a temple. But, keeping our spirits high, we are all trying to keep safe and we don’t want it to spread for sure. The important thing is not to create so much hue and cry that the world comes to an end but of course, just take care.”

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