Corrie star’s forgotten role in Hannah Montana and what he thinks of Miley Cyrus

Before he was Coronation Street 's school teacher turned corner shop owner Brian Packham, actor Peter Gunn was hanging out with Miley Cyrus .

The soap actor's starring role alongside one of the world's biggest stars has been brought back to public attention.

And people may be wondering how they've never noticed it before.

Peter joined the ITV soap in 2010, making on/off appearances for a number of years, before becoming a regular cast member in 2016.

But one year before he stepped out onto the cobbles, Peter was starring alongside Miley in hit Disney film Hannah Montana: The Movie.

He played reporter Oswald Granger, who was desperately trying to dig up a scoop on pop superstar Hannah at the behest of his tenacious magazine editor.

After learning the identity of Hannah's hometown, he followed her to Crowley Corners, and ended up discovering her huge secret – she was really just schoolgirl Miley Stewart in a blonde wig.

Peter's big role has been brought back to the forefront by his Corrie co-star's Colson Smith (Craig Tinker), Jack P Shepherd (David Platt) and Ben Price (Nick Tilsley), who have launched their own podcast, Sofa Cinema Club.

The idea behind it is to educate each other about their favourite movies, and in the first episode, released today, Craig chose Hannah Montana: The Movie for the group to watch.

And as an added bonus, they had Peter along as a special guest so he could spill some behind-the-scenes secrets, and tell them what Miley is really like.

Peter confessed: "The weird thing is that I didn't know who Miley Cyrus was when I was up for the part, and I can remember asking my eight-year-old son, 'Have you heard of this Miley Cyrus?'"

Peter said it took him a while to grasp the enormity of the project he was involved in.

He said: "We're in Nashville, which is her home town, and I'm thinking yeah she's a Nashville girl, so she's going to be popular.

"But then the first week I'm there, in the evening I'm in the hotel room and put the television on and there's a discussion about what Miley's done that day.

"I thought why are they discussing that? Because they did every day."

He added: "This was on the local news, and I'm thinking, 'Flipping hell, she is big isn't she?' And then you realise as we're going around wherever we go, she has security, people just go absolutely berserk."

The stars also discussed the Hoedown Throwdown scene, and how superfan Colson knew the moves better than Peter, who had to dance along in the movie.

Peter revealed what he thought about Miley as he got to know her.

He said: "We're sat round the table doing the first readthrough in an industrial estate in Nashville and we've not met anyone before really, and we're all sat round, Miley's been really nice, she's 15, she's really sweet, and we get to this point and the director says, 'Oh Miley, you know the dance moves to this, can you show us?'

"And she very un-selfconsciously gets up and just does the whole thing for us, like it was somebody from next door coming round and doing it, it was sweet, it was fantastic."

The Hoedown Throwdown scene also starred Taylor Swift in a cameo, and Peter talked about meeting the singing star as they were having their make-up done for filming.

He said: "She was on tour and she turned up when we were filming and I remember being sat on the make-up bus and she sat next to me and went, 'Hi, I'm Taylor', and we were just having a chit chat.

"She was telling me about the tour and how she's come to help Miley."

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