DaniLeigh Hits Back at Haters Mocking Her for Crying Over Her Daughter

The ‘Lil Bebe’ songstress shares on Instagram a video of her crying at the airport after she misses a flight to see her daughter, whom she shares with rapper DaBaby.

AceShowbizDaniLeigh is tired with all the hate she gets over the past years. The “Yellow Bone” singer clapped back at Internet trolls who slammed her after she posted a video of her crying about missing her daughter, whom she shares with rapper DaBaby.

The video, which was shared on Tuesday, September 20, saw Dani getting emotional at the airport. “Missed my flight again to the Dr,” she wrote with a broken heart emoji. “I jus wanna see my baby man.”

After the clip was reposted on Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram page, some people quickly blasted Dani for allegedly looking for attention. “Folks record everything. I don’t reach for my phone when I’m sad. I take a nap,” a critic said. Another user questioned, “Ppl Crying then uploading the video to social media always weird to me… like why !??!” Echoing the sentiment, one person added, “Girls who record themselves crying is mad cringe.”

Some others trolled Dani for zooming in on her tears. “Not her tryna catch the tear falling down her face,” a person said, while someone else wrote, “It’s the forced tear for me sister girl stop.”

People also criticized Dani for missing her flights so often. “Get there at least an hour before flight,” a user suggested. Another person said, “Girl you missed it twice wtf plan ahead better you’re be alright.”

Dani caught wind of the hate comments. She took to the comments section to hit back at them, writing, “Honestly everybody that’s being mean can go suck a fat one !!!! I miss my kid !! Tf !?!!!!” The “Lil Bebe” songstress went on to rant, “Why are u guys so upset that I’m upset ??? Man I hate the internet !!!! There’s a hurricane going on in DR for the air heads that think I’m jus missing a flight to see her !”

Prior to this, Dani was clowned after she called out Starbucks for giving him a rotten cheese danish. “so do I sue starbucks for giving me a mf rotten a** cheese danish ?? having me step out my car throwing up . wtfffffd i’m scarred,” she fumed on Instagram earlier this month. Alongside a picture of the rotten pastry, which she apparently had taken a few bites, she wrote, “Idk if I’ll ever get something for u guys again but honestly I deserve free @Starbucks for the rest of my life … I threw up taking this pic.”

Fans, meanwhile, were confused that Dani didn’t realize that the pastry had mold in it quickly. “So it took ar minimum 3 bites to realize the mold in it?” one of them asked, to which Dani replied, “B***h I was not looking at it.”

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