David Walliams’ children’s books accused of ‘racism and fat-shaming’

David Walliams’ best-selling children’s books have been accused of ‘racism and fat-shaming’, just weeks after the comedian apologised for using blackface in Little Britain. 

The Britain’s Got Talent judge is author of a series of popular books including Gangsta Granny and The World’s Worst Parents. 

They have entertained children across the country and have even been given away in McDonald’s Happy Meals. However, a food writer has brutally dissected David’s published works to highlight the offensive narratives they believe fill the pages. 

Food writer Jack Monroe posted a lengthy Twitter thread on Sunday (5 July), which began: ‘Small Boy completed his D*vid Walli*ms book collection today, so I finally decided to take a read of the latest. (It’s important to note here I’ve not bought a single one.) 

‘It’s like Little Britain for kids. 37m copies sold? Of this sneering classist fatshaming grim nonsense?’ 

Monroe honed in on the Supermum character in The World’s Worst Parents, who she claims is depicted as ‘boring because she lives in a tower block and she cleans toilets’. 

She added: ‘Single mum of two, Spike and Punk. I’m not sure what qualifies her as being one of the World’s Worst Parents when all she does is love her kids and make them laugh? … 

‘It’s a recurring theme. And I know I’m sensitive, because me and my Small Boy LIVED in poverty, and Williams-Who-Calls-Himself-Walliams-For-Lolz probably didn’t. Probably doesn’t know anyone who did, which is why working class people are all bland stereotypes in his lazy books.’ 

Monroe accused David of having ‘absolute arrogance of thinking you can publish s**t like this’.

Metro.co.uk has contacted David’s reps for comment. 

Last month, David and his comedy partner Lucas issued a statement apologising for using blackface in past sketches on Little Britain. 

David wrote in a tweet: ‘Matt & I have both spoken publicly in recent years of our regret that we played characters of other races. 

‘Once again we want to make it clear that it was wrong & we are very sorry.’ 

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