Diddy Almost Fights 'Power' Actor While Dressed As Joker

Diddy‘s ultimate transformation into Heath Ledger‘s Joker this Halloween was so well done, his antics almost baited an actor into fighting him on the street!!!

The Bad Boy Records mogul was making his rounds in Los Angeles over the weekend … when he almost came to blows with actor Michael J. Ferguson, who plays “2Bit” in 50 Cent‘s “Power” series.

You can see things get tense between the two, though it’s unclear what the problem is. Michael is surrounded by plenty of Diddy’s entourage, some of who are wearing the same clown masks as Joker’s henchman from “The Dark Knight” … but Michael doesn’t back down.

Diddy cackles like a madman and it appears Michael doesn’t recognize him, but challenges him to step. Finally, Diddy breaks character … revealing his real voice … causing Michael to laugh and the two men to embrace as cooler heads prevail.

Diddy invited Michael to cool off further at his after-party … as he’s all about spreading “love” these days … much like his interaction with Tyler, The Creator earlier in the evening.

Tyler called Diddy’s performance “next-level” … mirroring reactions from the likes of Tamar Braxton, who ? him king of Halloween, to his own son Quincy, who couldn’t believe the entire fight almost happened!!!

Introduce a little anarchy … and everything becomes chaos, eh Diddy?

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