Does K-Pop Boy Band Pentagon Have the ~Skills~ to Learn TikTok Dances in One Minute?

Welcome back to another episode of TikTok Challenge Challenge, where we have celebs do what you’re probs doing in your bedroom a couple of nights a week—learning and performing viral TikTok choreo. In our fun lil game, celebrities have to pretty much perfect the dance they’re given…in just one minute. Seems possible if you’re a mega K-Pop band with professional dance skills!! Enter: Pentagon. I don’t wanna spoil anything for ya, but these guys had the freakin’ moves.

Wooseok took the stage first and his assigned TikTok was pretty heavy on the footwork. Buuuut he made it look easy! The dude kind of crushed it. Kino was given an even more difficult dance. Our boy was a lil overwhelmed in the beginning, but once he had it down, he was good to go. Meanwhile, Yuto almost gave up when he saw his dance. Woof. The performance was…okay! At least his bandmates gave him props on his ~flow~.

Wanna see how Shiwon, Yanan, Hongseok, Yeoone, and Hui did? Watch the rest and listen to their new song “Daisy” out now!

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