Donald Trump Jr. Trolled After Signing Book Deal & Twitter Is Flooded With Title Suggestions

Donald Trump Jr. has reportedly signed a new book deal and Twitter users couldn’t resist helping the first son out by pitching possible titles. And, of course, many suggestions were hilarious.

Donald Trump Jr., 41, is reportedly following in his parents’ footsteps by penning a book. The President’s eldest son has signed a deal with Center Street Books, according to Politico, which claims that attorney and literary agent, Tom Winters, steered the negotiations. The tome will focus on “politics, current events and the future of the MAGA movement,” a source close to Don Jr. told the website. The May 22 report was enough to spark a Twitter trend mocking Donald Trump’s son, as people willingly pitched title ideas to the father-of-five.

Using the hashtag #DonJrBookTitles, Kathy Griffin was among the celebs and average folk who suggested possible names for the book, which is expected to be published later this year. The 58-year-old comedian came up with six titles, including, “The Catcher in the Lie,” “The Color Orange” and “Are You There dad, It’s Me, JR.” Republican political strategist and frequent CNN contributor Rick Wilson also had fun with it, suggesting “Unfortunate Son.” But he was equally impressed with the hundreds of other suggestions, tweeting a gif of Olivia Wilde raising a glass, he wrote, “Really, ya’ll. #DonJrBookTitles is producing some outstanding work.”

Other Twitter users were just as inventive with one person offering an impressive 11 possible titles in one tweet. They included, “The Tax Man Cometh,” “Pride and Extreme Prejudice,” “A Fail In Two Cities” and “No Expectations.” Author Molly Jong-Fast suggested, “Too stupid to collude, The president’s large adult son tells all.” Meanwhile writer Kurt Eichenwald offered a stinging pitch, “’My Life in 280 Characters’ by A Ghostwriter Who Hates Me, Just Like My Dad Used.”

Wilson wasn’t the only person tickled by the Twitter trend – some of the President’s other kids and their partners were too. “When #DonJrBookTitles is trending on Twitter… @EricTrump @LaraLeaTrump @TiffanyATrump @kimguilfoyle and I are having some fun with this one!” Ivanka Trump, 37, tweeted.

HollywoodLife has reached out to Donald Trump Jr. and Center Street Books for comment. We’ve yet to receive a response.

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