Duggar News: Josh Duggar's Car Lot Was Strewn With Clothing and Detritus Prior to His Arrest, New Photos Show

Josh Duggar’s trial concluded with a guilty verdict, hitting the media with major Duggar news. In April 2021, Josh was arrested on suspicion of downloading and receiving child sexual abuse material on his computer at his car lot, Wholesale Motorcars. Additionally, Homeland Security invaded the car lot in 2019. Now, new photos show what his office in the car lot looked like prior to his arrest.

Josh Duggar’s trial concluded in December 2021 with a guilty verdict

Josh Duggar’s trial took place in late 2021 and concluded after the prosecution had ample evidence to suggest he took part in illegal activity. In 2019, Homeland Security raided his car lot, Wholesale Motorcars, and confiscated a number of items. Radar Online reports they took his phone, a laptop, and his work computer.

Court transcripts note a federal agent talked about seizing Josh’s belongings. According to the agent, they told Josh they had a search warrant for Wholesale Motorcars. They also told Josh he could leave if he wished at that time. Josh stayed on the scene.

Homeland Security then seized Josh’s HP all-in-one desktop computer and a MacBook laptop. When Josh went to the cop car to answer a few questions, he asked, unprompted, “Has somebody been downloading child pornography?”

Duggar news: Photos show what Wholesale Motorcars looked like prior to his arrest

Josh Duggar’s trial revealed what federal agents found on the desktop computer. But what did the scene at Wholesale Motorcars look like? Daily Mail broke the recent Duggar news with photos of Josh’s office at his workplace.

A photo shared by the publication shows Josh’s desktop computer in the corner of the 10-foot-by-8-foot room. The wall next to his desk and chair is covered with sticky notes, a calendar, and other reminders. His desk looks cluttered with a mix of office supplies, car keys, and garbage. An adjacent surface is also completely covered with supplies and personal items.

It looks like Josh’s clothing is also strewn across a chair next to the desk.

As far as the electronics go, the office also contained a CCTV system, a printer, and webcams. Josh’s desktop computer confiscated by Homeland Security had a desktop background of his wife, Anna Duggar, and his children.

Josh Duggar reportedly worked with brother Jed Duggar after Wholesale Motorcars shut down

Josh Duggar’s arrest and the Wholesale Motorcars raid both broke Duggar news. But after he lost Wholesale Motorcars, the Duggar family member didn’t stop working completely. Josh reportedly worked with Jed Duggar at another car lot prior to his arrest.

According to The Sun, Jed Duggar worked alongside Josh Duggar at Champion Motorcars after Wholesale Motorcars closed. It seems like the brothers had a close relationship, too. Phone call logs acquired by The Sun note Josh called Jed three times from his Arkansas jail cell before Jed picked up. Josh reportedly did not try to call any of his sisters.

In more recent Duggar news, Josh’s legal team filed an appeal and hope to attain a new trial or acquittal for the crimes.

How to get help: If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741 for free and confidential support.

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