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Bharat is nearing its release and the buzz surrounding the movie is just getting higher by the day. The film, which is a remake of 2014’s Korean hit An Ode To My Father, stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif along with others and is all set to entertain people on the occasion of Eid, coming Wednesday. Apart from Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, the film also stars Tabu, Jackie Shroff, Sunil Grover, Disha Patani, Satish Kaushik among others. Bollywoodlife got in touch with Satish Kaushik, who plays a naval officer and captain Sunder Singh in the film, and the director-actor-writer and producer exclusively spoke at length on his first role as a naval officer, the prep and on working with Salman Khan again.

Interestingly, Satish, who is known for his comic timings and roles also plays a quirky character in the film. Revealing the details about his character, the actor said, “I play a very small part in the film, I have an episode like appearance in it. I play a navy officer, the captain of the ship, a commander.” Though it’s an episodic role in the film, it was home turf for him. Satish has worked with Salman Khan before and Ali Abbas Zafar who is the director of the film was his junior in college.

When Ali approached Satish with the role, the actor-filmmaker found it very quirky and being a naval officer for the first time on-screen got him excited and he grabbed the opportunity. Talking about the same, Satish said, “When Ali approached me with this character, I found it very interesting. He is the captain of the ship but whatever he speaks nobody can understand it. I had to craft this whole thing as how can you speak something which no one can understand. He is a very quirky character.”

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Satish found his inspiration in a friend Rikku Rakesh Nath and so he imitated him a bit in order to get into the character which Ali found engaging and gave Satish his creative freedom. Satish also had to prep for his role as he had to lose weight too look like the captain of the ship. He was on a strict diet and while shooting on the deck in Malta, the actor used to go for long walks. Even Salman Khan gave suggestions on diets and exercise which he found helpful. It was a fun experience for Satish to work with Salman again after Tere Naam, as a co-star this time.

We asked Satish, what was it like to have Salman as a co-star after having directed him and he jokingly said, “Both the ways, I am the captain of the ship. In Tere Naam, I was the captain of the ship, and in Bharat, I am still the captain of the ship. It is always a joy to work with him. He has grown up to be such a great guy and is a big superstar. He takes his roles very calmly and does it like a snap of a finger. He is fond of people and his greatness lies in the fact that he is good to people.”

Shared some anecdotes from the sets, Satish revealed that he suffers from sea sickness, which nobody knew about. But the crew and everyone was so supportive that he never had any issue while shooting as he was taken care of very well. “I didn’t tell them about my sea sickness, you know, but somehow, the location was so beautiful. Malta is such a beautiful place that the blue water actually calms you down. The walks near the sea were rejuvenating.”

Finally, we couldn’t help but ask Satish Kaushik for some update on the sequel to Tere Naam and the director confirmed that he was in the process of scripting it. “I just have an idea of the script, but nothing is finalised. I have not spoken to Salman or anyone yet on that front. But yes definitely, it is on my mind and on the cards. It is a big brand.”

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