Fake Vaccine Card Sales a Booming Business as Omicron Surges

Fake vaccine cards are selling like crazy … and demand has shot up over the past few weeks, smack in the middle of the omicron surge.

First of all, this is terrible, and if it’s not a crime … it should be. The cards are going for around $250 … $50 a pop more than they were going for back in September, and that means demand is high.

We’re told thousands of people are hawking fake vaccine cards … pretty shocking.

The folks studying the surge of fake cards tell us the price of the bogus cards will continue to rise as Omicron spreads and as people need to prove they’ve been jabbed … and the holidays are accounting for increased sales.

The cards were originally sold on the dark web, but sellers have become emboldened as everything gets even more political and they’re now selling the cards much more openly … on various forums and chatrooms.

Earlier this week, President Biden warned on Twitter that the COVID cases will continue to rise and it sure seems we’re headed for a dark winter.

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