Father’s Day: Tell Dad Why He Is Special

Share your Favourite Daddy Memory.






However we choose to address our fathers, they have a really special place in our lives.

They may be the strong, silent types, brought in by our mothers as the most formidable threat when we are at our baddest.

Or they may be the hands-on types, who do everything from braiding your hair to cooking your favourite meal to teaching you how to play football and cricket.

Your dad may have gone to work every morning and come back home every night.

Or he may have been gone for months, before returning home with all your favourite things.

He may have been in the armed forces.

Or he may have been a daily wage earner who gave his blood, sweat and tears to lay the foundation of your future. It may have been the only, and biggest, gift he could give you.

This Father’s Day, tell your dad what he means to you.

Write him a letter or a poem.

Send in a drawing if you like.

Sing a song for him and send us the video.

Tell the world why your father is special.

Dear Readers, let’s celebrate Fathers.

Choose your favourite photo of your dad and tell us why that picture means so much to you.

Is there a valuable lesson your father has taught you? Or an incident from his life that you can never forget?

What is it you love most about your father and why?

Send us your responses at [email protected] (Subject line: ‘My Dad’). Share your stories about your father, along with his picture. Do remember to mention your NAME, your FATHER’S NAME, and where you LIVE.

We’ll feature the best responses on Rediff.com.

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