Get to Know Dylan Efron with These 10 Fun Facts & Watch His New Show ‘Flow State’ (Exclusive)

You might know Dylan Efron right now just as Zac Efron‘s younger brother, but he’s currently paving his own path in Hollywood and he has a new digital series that just premiered.

The 28-year-old filmmaker and adventure seeker just launched his series Flow State, in which he goes on some crazy adventures with pals who happen to be world class performers.

What is Flow State? Dylan says, “An optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best while being completely immersed in an activity. It’s the feeling I live for and I find it most when I’m outdoors — whether in an activity or even a meaningful conversation.”

The first guest on the show is Leticia Bufoni, a professional street skateboarder and five-time X Games Gold medalist. Dylan took her rock climbing for her first time at Stoney Point, where she overcame her fear of heights.

We caught up with Dylan to learn 10 Fun Facts about him. Check it out below:

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Watch the first episode of Flow State below. New episodes will premiere on YouTube every month!

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