Halsey Launched a Funding Initiative For Your Favorite Black Musicians, Artists, and More

Halsey Launched a Funding Initiative For Your Favorite Black Musicians, Artists, and More

Halsey is launching a Black Creators Funding Initiative in support of your favorite Black artists, Black photographers, Black makeup artists, Black writers, Black poets, and more. The “You Should Be Sad” singer announced the initiative in an Instagram post on Thursday, encouraging fans to tag their favorite Black creators on Instagram and Twitter with #BLACKCREATORSFUN. “I am launching this to give funds, resources, and a platform to Black creators,” she captioned the post. “Looking for Black creators who want to enrich the world with their work.”

An infographic included in the post explains that all types of Black creators are welcome, and those chosen as part of the funding initiative will be given financial support provided by Halsey, as well as promotion on her social media platforms. “This ongoing initiative will be entirely funded by the Halsey team,” the infographic reads. “If you’re an artist, poet, graphic designer, writer, filmmaker, music producer, journalist, makeup artist, or creator of any kind, we want to see your work and to help achieve your goals.”

Halsey’s announcement comes shortly after the singer opened up about her own experiences as a biracial woman and her personal connection to the Black Lives Matter movement. “I’m white-passing. It’s not my place to say ‘we.’ It’s my place to help,” she said in a tweet. “I am in pain for my family, but nobody is gonna kill me based on my skin color. I’ve always been proud of who I am but it’d be an absolute disservice to say ‘we’ when I’m not susceptible to the same violence.”

“We want to help amplify your art, your voice & perspective,” Halsey’s manager Anthony Li wrote in a tweet sharing information about the fund. “Starting off, we’ll be gifting funds to Black creators, as well as social media posts to help launch their platforms & amplify their art. Behind the scenes, we’ll be connecting the dots for other Black creators, anything from introductions/points of contact or informational help.” While the initiative is ongoing and is meant to last “throughout the years to come,” the first round of recipients will be announced on June 18, so tag your favorite Black creators and find out more about how you can support Black-owned brands.

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