Henry Winkler, 76, Dances on TikTok With Grandkids In Adorable Video

Henry Winkler’s grandkids showed off some serious TikTok moves in a new video, with Henry joining along for the hilarious ride!

Henry Winkler is having the time of his life with his grandkids! The 76-year-old posted a cute TikTok on Sunday with his three grandchildren dancing to a remixed version of the Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up” in a living room. “My grandchildren,” the Barry actor captioned the adorable video, which featured the kids standing in a line ahead of their grandfather, each spinning out of frame for Henry to sashay away when the beat dropped. The family then all came back together to dance to the end of the song, jumping around as the music continued.

My grandchilden

♬ When I Grow Up Showmusik Remix – Showmusik Sounds