How Donal stays FIT and FABULOUS

Journalist turned actor Donal Bisht was having a good run on Bigg Boss 15 until she was eliminated as a part of a surprise midweek eviction last week.

A strong contender on the show, Donal displayed an impressive fashion sense.

“I wear what I like; something that I am comfortable in,” the Rajasthan born beauty tells Contributor PS Aaryan Khanna.

“I emphasise comfort over fashion,” the 27 year old says discussing her love for fashion, fitness and idea of a perfect date.

Do you have a favourite designer or go-to stylist? 

There is no specific designer.

All the designers I have worked with are very good.

I wear what I like; something that I am comfortable in.

I emphasise comfort over fashion. And whatever you’ve seen me wearing is very much ‘Me’.

But yes, there are a handful of designers in cities like Paris and Milan with whom I would love to work.

What are you most comfortable in?

It completely depends on my mood. I am a very moody person.

A fashion trend that you hate the most?

Everyone has their individual choice and we need to respect that.

How do you stay so fit?

I work out and exercise a lot. I eat clean as much as I can.

When you can’t workout or visit the gym, how do you manage?

I do yoga on those days.

Do you follow a strict diet?

My daily diet includes coconut water.

That’s something that I have in the morning without fail. And then I eat in smaller proportions throughout the day.

What do you indulge in on a cheat day?

A double-loaded cheese pizza.

Your Instagram tells us you love travelling. What’s your favourite travel destination?


What’s your idea of a perfect man? 

Someone who is very chivalrous.

What qualities would you look for in a perfect date?

Good approach.

He must be compassionate and kind towards me and others; be skilled to hold a good conversation.

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