How I Trained My Mind And Lost 30 Kg

Mumbai transformation life coach and mind power trainer Beatrice Fernandes tells us how she took charge of her life and lost 30 kg.

I used to weigh 80 kg at the age of 30.

One day when my 3-year-old daughter tried to hug me, she couldn’t wrap her tiny hands around my waist and I remember, more than her, it was me who felt really upset.

That’s the day I vowed that come what may, I will never give up and I will transform my body.

I made up my mind that I would be my daughter’s role model.

Dealing with post traumatic stress

Since childhood, I grew up with the idea of being the perfect daughter, sister and wife.

I was conditioned in a way of life where I always felt the need to please everyone and constantly prove myself. I never prioritised myself or my health.

I was going through immense emotional stress in my personal life, but I wasn’t aware how it was taking a toll on my overall health.

I couldn’t fit into some of my regular clothes. I couldn’t wear what I wanted and all of that also started affecting my physical and emotional health.

I did a fingerprint scanner personality analysis test that helped me realise and tap into my inner potential. I realised I was capable of doing and achieving much more in life.

Sometime in 2008, I became a student of my mind where I began to analyse the incidents, and conditions that were causing me trauma.

Once I took charge of my life, I realised I was no longer simply reacting to situations; I became more aware and responsible. I started responding through realisation.

I immediately snapped out of the cycle of abuse from a victim to a victor. I moved out of an abusive relationship through mutual consent and focussed on my career and health.

I stopped complaining and blaming others and instead used every opportunity to feel gratefulness and to learn something new about myself. That is how the phase of transformation began for me.

After I took control of my mental health, I started to devote some time towards exercise.

We had an elliptical machine at home so I started using that.

My daughter was 3 years old so I would put her to sleep and no matter how late it got, I would exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

Slowly I moved towards floor exercises and skipping to improve my cardio workout.

I didn’t take help of any fitness trainer, nutritionist or dietician because I wanted to learn and know my body better.

I read a lot of books, referred to material available on the internet to know what will work for me.

Each one’s body, needs and functions are different and so the methods will differ too. The idea is to listen to your body.

In terms of diet, I learned that moderation is the key. If I am not doing any laborious work, I realised I didn’t need to have so many rotis, rice or chapatis in a day.

So I cut down portions, cut down carbs and included more veggies, fruits, dry fruits.

Gradually, I also increased the number and time of slow-paced exercises. That really worked for me. I also ensured I had my daily dose of nutrition and energy.

All these years, I never went by the scale or checked my weight for results. But three years after following these little changes, in 2011, I realised my body shape had changed.

When I checked, I had lost 11 kgs. It was a slow but steady transformation.

It’s been nearly a decade now that I managed to lose approx 30 kg (from 80 kg).

I have been pretty consistent in my schedule and have been able to maintain my weight between 52-53 kg. I am 47 and I now help other people understand themselves and tap into their true inner potential.

Lessons learned

The human body is designed for movement. You must eat mindfully knowing what you put on your plate is eventually going to affect your body.

Once I realised what my body needed, I never actually had to give up anything I love. Instead I started loving what my body required and gave it exactly that.

My transformation journey began because I wanted to feel better about myself.

It’s all in the mind. When I focussed on mindfulness and conscious eating, I automatically lost weight and got fit.


  • Start with whatever you feel is easy — it could be dancing, cycling, jogging, or even walking. But do it. I say ‘easy’ because the minute your mind realises the activity is difficult or stressful, you will find excuses to stop pursuing it.
  • Add variety to your workout from time to time. Personally, I would get bored doing the same exercises so I would experiment with different sets of workouts.
  • Be kind to yourself and your body. Understand and recognise when to stop. Don’t overdo and punish yourself. You don’t need to look perfect. Your goal is to be active, fit and healthy.
  • Never go on crash diets or sign up for rigorous body workouts. Don’t chase quick results. Don’t compare your journey with someone else’s. Remember, consistency is the key. Whatever you do, continue doing it regularly for a consistent amount of time to understand how it is helping you.
  • Avoid unconscious eating. Your body doesn’t necessarily require some of the things you eat every day. You can cut down on that and choose foods that really matter.
  • Once you get into a schedule or habit, don’t lose the momentum. For example, if I don’t exercise or if I ignore my diet for five days, I have realised that it will reflect on my body.
  • Practise mindfulness. Be aware and stay in the moment, your present. Focus on your happiness and don’t look at the scale. Results will follow.

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