How many photos did the Sussexes take at Frogmore during the Jubbly?

In the new trailer for Netflix’s Harry & Meghan Volume 2, there are of course flashes of never-before-seen images. That’s actually been one of the most surprising things about the series, at least to me – of course we could surmise that the Sussexes were sitting on tons of private photos and private videos, and of course we figured that they would share some of that stuff with Netflix. But the sheer volume of personal photos is really staggering! Not just selfies they took during their courtship, but photos from the photographers who traveled them post-Sussexit, and photographers at home with them in Montecito and… Frogmore Cottage.

When the Sussexes returned to the UK for QEII’s Jubbly this year, that was the first and only time that Harry, Meghan and their two children were all in the UK. They were invited to attend the Jubbly by Queen Elizabeth. They celebrated Lili’s first birthday at Frogmore Cottage too, and invited Misan Harriman to take photos. I believe that Harriman took lots of photos of the Sussexes while he was there, and those are some of the images used in the Netflix trailer. This has caused a lot of consternation in the British media, because how dare the Sussexes invite a photographer to… capture some images from Lili’s birthday? At Frogmore, which Harry & Meghan paid to lease and repaid the refurbishment costs?

Hilariously, people are also mad about the fact that the Sussexes organized a little party for Lili rather than attending any of those Jubbly concerts and parades. They’re STILL mad about the fact that Harry and Meghan didn’t parade the kids around like William and Kate did during the Jubbly. They’re still mad that the Sussexes got the hell out of there before the final Jubbly event was done and dusted.

Anyway, I wonder if one of the Misan Harriman images we see in the Netflix series will be a photo of Queen Elizabeth with Archie and Lili.

Photos courtesy of Misan Harriman, Netflix/YouTube.

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