Huge 00s music icon is unrecognisable 15 years since chart-topping hit

Jack Christopher Allsopp, 48, better known by his stage name ‘Just Jack’, reached number two in the UK charts with the song Starz In Their Eyes back in 2007.

Jack, who was born in Camden, grew up listening to dance music including breakdance, electro hip hop and house.

He started out as an amateur breakdancer as a child, and began DJing when he was 15 years old, which got him into the UK garage scene.

After becoming popular for his breakthrough track, he released well-known follow-up songs Embers, peaking at number 17, and The Day I Died, which peaked at number 11.

His success earned him spots at the likes of Glastonbury Festival, V Festival and T4 on the Beach, and he has over 35m Spotify streams.

Jack explained to LadBible this summer that he “never tried to make a big radio hit” when reflecting on his career.

He shared: “I never really wanted to be like a pop star. It was a strange time, it was a stressful time.

“I ended up being in a lot of environments that I wasn’t particularly comfortable in.

“I was grateful for the radio plays and stuff like that, but I never felt at home with pop people. That’s never how I saw myself,” the singer added.

Jack admitted he’d “always been a bit of a control freak” and found it difficult not having much say over his work.

“I think being in that world where you have managers and record labels and all these people around you pulling you in lots of different directions and things not always going as planned, there are so many things that you don’t really have control over.

"Now I have full control over literally everything, which obviously can be quite a lot of work. But I couldn’t be happier with that. It’s a great feeling and a real privilege to be in that position,” he explained.

The hitmaker is still making music, and recently released a track titled Wasp In A Coke Can, taken from his latest album That Was Now.

He has released five albums in total, with The Outer Marker, Overtones, All Night Cinema, What We Did Today all coming before his latest record.

Jack now lives a pretty peaceful life in the coastal city of Brighton, and is a dad-of-two.

He remains fairly private about his personal life, but documents his music and other goings-on on his Instagram page, which is fairly active, with over 5,000 followers.

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