Iconic Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti dies aged 85

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Angelo Badalamenti provided the music for some of famous Director David Lynch’s most iconic films, including Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet. However, he is probably best remembered for writing the legendary Twin Peaks score. 

The famous composer’s death at the age of 85 was confirmed by several of his relatives. 

Angelo’s niece Frances Badalamenti told The Hollywood Reporter he died of “natural causes” yesterday. 

The beloved musician was surrounded by his family at his home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey at the time.

Angelo helped shape the mystical feel of some of David’s most prestigious projects.

Angelo also composed the theme music for NBC’s Profiler and Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio.

He also composed for the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona, where his Torch Theme during the opening ceremony accompanied an archer’s flaming arrow that ignited the Olympic cauldron.

In 1990, the musician received a Grammy Award for his legendary Twin Peaks theme tune.

He also went on to receive three Emmy nominations for his work on the series.

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