Jennifer Love Hewitt working on ‘Can’t Hardly Wait,’ ‘Heartbreakers’ reunions

“Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Heartbreakers” may each get a second life thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“I have two things I’m trying to do this year,” Hewitt, 40, said on Danny Pellegrino’s podcast “Everything Iconic.” “A reunion ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ movie that I direct and I really want to make ‘Heartbreakers’ a TV series.”

The actress, who starred in both films, added that she really wants Jamie Lee Curtis to be in her “Heartbreakers” reboot and that she would want to executive produce the series, not star in it. “Heartbreakers, which came out in 2001, starred Sigourney Weaver and Hewitt as a mother and daughter who con rich men.

Meanwhile, “Can’t Hardly Wait,” which came out in 1998, follows a group of high school seniors the night before graduation. In addition to Hewitt, it starred Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli and Seth Green.

During Hewitt’s interview with Pellegrino, she also addressed the acting break she took between 2015-2018 after her second child was born.

“I learned that I had not spent enough time on my mental health in that period,” she said. “I started working when I was 10 and up until having my children, I maybe had two months off my whole life and that’s just not enough time. As an actress, I feel like I’ve come back with more experiences and parts of myself to tap into that I didn’t have before so I feel like it’s helped me in that aspect. I didn’t realize all that time I was running around I was actually having anxiety attacks and unable to sort of process stress in a healthy way. I spent a lot of time hungry because I was on the cover of Maxim magazines and that’s what you do. I didn’t realize, ‘Oh, it’s OK to gain 10 pounds or five pounds or 15’ … I just didn’t know how to give myself a break.”

Hewitt explained she was placed in a box being viewed as a sex symbol with “no choice in it whatsoever.”

“I think my biggest realization in my late 30s, now 40s, is that people made me a sex symbol, but I didn’t feel like a sex symbol. I didn’t even know what being a sex symbol was. I was, like, 15 years old, and because of what I looked like physically people made me that thing and although it was very complimentary at the time and certainly fun when I was dating … it wasn’t genuinely who I was. I think I felt generally conflicted a lot of the time and I didn’t know why and it was just because it wasn’t authentic.”

These days, the “9-1-1” actress said being with her two kids helps with her mental health, as well as taking space for herself.

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