Jesse James' Wife Bonnie Rotten Calls Off Divorce After Cheating Accusation – See What Convinced Her!

Wow. Jesse James‘ wife confirmed Monday morning that she did indeed file for divorce after accusing him of cheating on her. And in the same breath she assured fans that everything is fine, and the couple will not be splitting up after all.

For those who missed the short but intense drama, Bonnie Rotten, whose real name is Alaina Antoinette James, posted a series of Instagram Stories blasting Jesse for talking to exes and “trying to f**k other women” — all while she was 10 weeks pregnant.

The West Coast Choppers founder denied any wrongdoing, also on IG, swearing he cut off contact with his exes and begging his wife to come back. But apparently Bonnie — who admitted the naysayers they were right about Jesse being a cheating dog — was set on leaving. She really did file for divorce!

In a new IG message, the former porn star gave her fans an update, largely blasting the media for all the hubbub:

“The past week has been a pretty terrible week on all accounts. The media has done nothing but make it far worse than it needed to be. I mistakenly posted my private business between my husband and I on social media. I never post anything about my personal life publicly. I posted it and took it all down within 35 minutes.”

The Second Amendment proponent unloaded both barrels on the internet for even covering the breakup of two D-list celebs, saying self-effacingly:

“I am not a person who I figured they would even care to write about. I am a nobody.”

The “nobody” then told her 2 million Instagram followers she was particularly annoyed to be the center of a scandal as she’d left LA specifically because she “wanted nothing to do with the world of try hards and attention seekers.”

But of course she did post about it, and thousands of people did see it in that half an hour. So to the folks who care about celebs — like the ones who follow her and her husband, we imagine — it was news.

And the IG stories may only have lasted 35 minutes, but the schism lasted long enough and was severe enough for Bonnie to start the legal ball rolling. As she admitted:

“Yes, I filed for divorce. The next day I filed a non-suit to stop the divorce.”

Explaining what led her to try to end her marriage to the Outlaw Garage star for just 24 hours, she wrote:

“I love Jesse so much and was very hurt by what I saw when I went through his phone.”

It was enough that she was ready to leave him — but not enough that he couldn’t talk her into coming back, we guess! She noted:

“In his defense and the reason I am back home is that he didn’t say anything inappropriate, he didn’t talk about ‘having sex or meeting up with someone’. That’s why I am here working out the marriage that I believe in.”

It sounds like he offered her his phone and showed her there wasn’t proof of cheating. Whether that’s proof of no cheating or not, well, we guess that’s a matter of personal trust each couple has to figure out for themselves. We’re sure there are women who would be fine with their man secretly talking to a couple exes behind their back. Maybe less so if the man is infamous for cheating on America’s sweetheart with a neo-Nazi. But like we said, that’s an individual decision each woman has to make for herself.

As Bonnie says now:

“I appreciate everyone reaching out to check on me, but I am fine. Everything was blown out of proportion to a degree that it didn’t need to go.”

She again blamed the media, but… it wasn’t a tabloid story that convinced her to file for divorce, the tabloids only covered what she told the world, so… Really wondering about now if Jesse’s apology that she accepted included a lot of deflection towards the evils of the mainstream media and “fake news”…

Bonnie concluded her statement by requesting privacy on the matter, saying:

“Thankfully everything is back to status quo over here. I would appreciate an end to all this. I’m pregnant and I would like to be able to focus on that without the stress of the outside world making it more difficult to have a healthy pregnancy.”

We absolutely want her to have a healthy pregnancy — and hope being married to Jesse James doesn’t give her any more reason to suspect cheating and furiously post about it to her millions of followers.

See Bonnie’s full post (below):

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