John Stamos’s ex says the story he told about her cheating on him is totally wrong

John Stamos released a memoir last month, titled If You Would Have Told Me. One of the stories from the memoir that got a lot of attention involved John’s retelling of walking in on his then-girlfriend Teri Copley and catching her in the act of cheating on him with none other than Tony Danza. At the time, Teri denied that she was cheating on John, explaining that they were already broken up when this alleged incident occurred. I speculated that Teri probably had broken up with John and he just wasn’t accepting it, and the general consensus in the comments was that Stamos was giving a mix of man-baby energy and stalker vibes.

In a 19-minute-long YouTube video, Teri disputes some of John’s account about what went down that day and gives the background info that she and Tony had dated prior to her going out with John. Teri confirms that she broke up with Stamos after his mom called her up and told her that had no plans on marrying her. As for the actual incident, Teri claims it happened in the morning and that she was fully dressed when Stamos came to the door. She also disputes that she even had a guest house, which is where John describes catching them in the act. And while she verifies that Danza was at her house that day, Teri says, “[John] certainly didn’t come into my house and find me naked in bed. None of that happened. None of that is true.” However, she does take a beat to ponder whether or not John came back later and caught them together and she just didn’t know about it.

Teri Copley is speaking out regarding claims that she cheated on John Stamos with Tony Danza. The 62-year-old actress and model dated John, 60, from 1984 to 1985.

In his memoir If You Would Have Told Me, John accused Teri of cheating on him with Tony, claiming he found his then-girlfriend in bed with the Taxi actor during their relationship.

Teri shared her side of the story in a 19-minute-long video posted to her YouTube channel on Friday (November 3).

She claimed that Tony‘s car was sitting in her driveway before she answered the door “fully dressed” before John “just shook his head and looked at me like, ‘How could you?’”

Teri explained that she didn’t say anything, rather she looked at her ex and thought, “What do you care?”

She also mentioned that she decided to break up with John after his mother called her and told her that her son had no plans to marry her.

“I remember like it was yesterday,” Teri said. “It was my fault. I was young. I didn’t know how to communicate with him to tell him, you know, your mother told me you didn’t ever want to marry me. We never discussed marriage and I wasn’t, you know, secure enough [or] strong enough to say that to him. So I just left it like that. I left him like that.”

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How f–cking annoying for Teri that her love life from almost 40 years ago is being brought back up like this. Imagine having to explain your personal business after someone puts you on blast as a cheater. She concludes the video by saying John’s account left her “sideswiped.” They weren’t on a break, they were full on broken up. It looks like we were right that Stamos just wasn’t willing to accept reality. She also claims that she and John got back together TWICE after that, but that he wasn’t expressing love like he did before. Further, they actually had a heart-to-heart to clear the air after he and Rebecca Romijn divorced! Did he think she wasn’t going to push back? You know what? Maybe John did witness them in bed together and he’s telling on himself that he snuck back to her house and spied through her window.

You can watch the video below if you want to. It’s kinda long but I promise it’s a lot easier to get through than the 6-minute Elon/Rogan one. It means a lot to Teri to clear her name, too, since she took almost 20 minutes out of her day to patiently explain the entire story and backstory in detail. I wouldn’t have even taken the full 19 minutes. I would have just Tweeted, “Actually, no, that’s not the truth, John. #HoldMeCloserTonyDanza” and left it at that.

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