Kane Brown Twists Ankle on Stage in Memphis, Finishes Out Show

kane brown

Kane Brown hurt himself while performing live in Tennessee, but he carried on anyway and finished his show like a trooper … because, hey, sometimes it be like that, right?

The country star was in Memphis Saturday night, belting out songs at the FedEx Forum — when, at some point, he hopped down to the lower front stage area … and appears to have twisted his ankle pretty badly, to the point that he had to hop down completely.

You can see he’s in serious pain as security attends to him … this while the band continued playing for a solid 30 seconds or so. Eventually, they stopped — as it was clear Kane wasn’t coming back on stage anytime soon.

The guy had to be helped up and escorted around — but he didn’t pull the plug on the concert … quite the opposite, KB got himself together and went back up there anew.

It sounds like the rest of his set was a little choppy at times — some folks claim the guy was stumbling a bit up there after deciding to push forward, and was even tearing up at one point … so say some eyewitnesses. Still, despite that, Kane did indeed tough it out to the end.

The ankle injury was about as bad as it sounded and looked to spectators, because Kane took to IG afterward and filmed his foot … which was swollen like a balloon.

There’s another tour stop that he’s supposed to be at tonight, and some fans were wondering if the event was canceled over this — which is reasonable … the dude’s legit crippled, it seems.

Not the case … Kane says he’s gonna be there, and that the show will go on.

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