Kanye West loses billionaire status after Adidas ends partnership, more news

Adidas nixes deal, Ye loses status

Adidas is severing its partnership with Kanye West following his antisemitic words. “Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness,” a company said in a statement. Adidas, the company said, will “terminate the partnership with Ye, end production of Yeezy branded products and stop all payments to Ye and his companies.” Even before Ye’s antisemitic tweets, the relationship between the rapper and Adidas was frayed after he accused the corporation of stealing his designs. TMZ estimates that Adidas will lose $246 million in net income this year by ending the deal, but the company felt like it needed to take a stand. In the wake of the athletic brand’s decision, Forbes said Ye has lost his “billionaire” status. The status change is a combination of several deals ending, including his GAP partnership. Several years ago, Kanye’s net worth was said to be $1.3 billion. Forbes now puts his worth around $400 million.

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Mea culpa… again

James Corden is reversing course again. Last week, James was banned from a popular New York City restaurant over his bad behavior. Immediately, James “apologized profusely” to the owner of Balthazar and got his ban lifted. Then, a few days later, James retracted his apology while telling The New York Times that he hadn’t “done anything wrong, on any level” and said the situation was “beneath” him. Now, he’s changing his tune again. On the “Late Late Show” on Monday, Oct. 25, James said, “Look, when you make a mistake, you have to take responsibility.” James then attempted to explain his boorish behavior, admitting he made a “rude comment” to a waiter “in the heat of the moment.” “I didn’t shout or scream. I didn’t get up out of my seat. I didn’t call anyone names or use derogatory language. I have been walking around thinking that I hadn’t done anything wrong, right? But, the truth is I have,” he said. “I made a rude comment and it was wrong. It was an unnecessary comment. It was ungracious to the server.” James said he’s like to return to Balthazar and apologize in person… that is, of course, unless he changes his mind.

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Series on pause after death

Fox series “Call Me Kat” will pause for an indefinite period of time following the stunning death of Leslie Jordan, who played cafe baker Phil. TVLine reported that the beloved actor completed nine episodes of Season 3 at the time of his death, four of which have already aired. According to reports, the “Will & Grace” star suffered a medical emergency while driving on Monday, Oct. 24. He then crashed his car into a building and passed. “There aren’t words to convey the loss we are experiencing as a cast and a Call Me Kat family,” Mayim Bialik, the star of the Fox show, said in a statement on Instagram Monday. “Leslie Jordan was larger than life. He was a Southern gentleman; tender, wise, naughty and hilarious. We got to know and love him at the height of his happiness and joy and it is inconceivable to imagine a world without our Leslie: the man who would spit on his contact lenses before putting them in his eyes, the man who had a story about every man in Hollywood and some of the women as well, the man who lived to make people laugh.”

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He’s not kid-ding!

If Daniel Radcliffe ever has children, he doesn’t want them following in his footsteps — not directly anyway. “I want my kids, if and when they exist…I would love them to be around film sets,” he told Newsweek. “A dream would be for them to come onto a film set and be like ‘God, you know, I’d love to be in the art department. I’d love to be something in the crew.’ Some part of this, but not from that.” Really, he would want the kids to have a normal life and not one filled with paparazzi. “I wouldn’t want fame for my kid,” he said. 

Cryptic post (about Tom and Gisele?)

Reading between the lines? Bridget Moynahan is posting about the ending of relationships, an Instagram post that comes amid a cascade of reports claiming Tom Brady, Bridget’s ex, and Gisele Bundchen have split. Bridget, who shares a son with the quarterback, posted a quote by Vienna Pharaon, a marriage and family therapist. “Not everything is meant to be mended,” Pharaon wrote. “Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes we have to learn to get comfortable with the gifts that are offered through ruptures and the endings instead of the stories of repair and reconciliation.” Normally a quote like this wouldn’t offer a second glance, but it doesn’t feel coincidental considering Tom and Gisele’s seemingly deteriorating situation. Tom and Bridget dated for three years before splitting in December 2006. He began dating Gisele shortly after.  

On friendly terms

So you’re telling me there’s a chance! Despite having split in August, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are still staying in touch. “It wasn’t a bad fallout or breakup, so things are good between them and they’ve remained in contact,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. The report comes after many suspect that the former “SNL” star sent Kim roses for her recent 42nd birthday. On her Instagram Story Kim shared a snap of an array of beautiful roses. An adjacent matching candle said “Jasmin” on the label — fans believe that is likely a reference to the October 2021 “Saturday Night Live” Disney-inspired sketch the duo did while playing “Jasmine and Aladdin.” During the scene the couple even shared a quick kiss. Shortly after, Kim and Pete went public as a couple.  

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