Katie Price called out for bizarre claims as she plugs yet more diet products

Katie Price has been called out by fans who have rubbished her latest beauty claims while plugging a diet drink.

The 41-year-old former glamour model has been busy shilling various weight-loss products for the last few months, after her financial situation left her on the brink of bankruptcy.

And while most of her Instagram adverts have been dismissed by followers, some are being ripped to shreds for the bizarre claims she makes in them.

The latest paid-for Instagram post sees Katie furiously jiggling her big toe while talking earnestly to the camera about her low-cal drink.

Sitting cross-legged on her sofa, Katie holds up a box of the diet sachets and says: "So here I am guys, I'm now taking Beauty Locks it's 80 calories a day. It's got loads and loads of nutrients to get your hair back to healthiness, and it's a nice cup of hot chocolate.

"I take one a day, as when I've gone blonde now I need to maintain getting back that nice hair, which is good really. And it tastes good."

She adds: "So why don't you get your first packet completely free when you swipe up, and join me?"

But fans ridiculed her claims, pointing out that there was no way she'd know whether her natural hair and nails were getting stronger as a result of the product because she wears extensions.

"How do you notice a difference in nails when you have false nails?" one pointed out.

"Hair and nails??? Both are not natural….." said another.

A third quipped: "'back to natural healthiness' what is she even saying."

But some stuck up for Katie, with one writing: "Well u would notice the difference if they grow out quicker an if the hair is stronger."

It's not the first time followers have criticised Katie for plugging diet products.

Just last month she was slammed for advertising diet pills and 'fat-burning' coffee days before jetting off to Turkey for liposuction to get rid of the fat around her waist.

The mum of five also went under the knife to get a face lift and a Brazilian bum lift, where all the fat that was sucked out of her was injected into her butt cheeks to give them a rounder appearance.

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