Kourtney Kardashian Showed Up at the Grammy Awards Rocking Underboob Cutouts

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker just surprised everyone with an appearance at the 2022 Grammy Awards and looked, um, INCREDIBLE?! Kourtney traded in her short bob for a long ponytail, which she paired with a sleek jumpsuit situation with underboob cutouts.

And yes, she and Travis obviously made out. Like, does a red carpet even happen without a Kravis tongue-touching moment? Nope.

JSYK, Kourt and Travis have been all kinds of busy lately. On top of showing up at the Oscars last weekend where, yes, they also touched tongues…

They’re also gearing up for Hulu’s new reality show The Kardashians—where they’re going to dive into their baby plans! Actually, they kinda already did in a new trailer for the show, where Kourt revealed, “Travis and I want to have a baby,” and we saw footage of them at a doctor’s office.

Obviously, the never-not-horny couple are also planning their wedding, but don’t expect to see it on The Kardashians. A source recently told Entertainment Tonight that the event is going to be “really exclusive,” “intimate and special,” and will likely go down later this year. “Kourtney and Travis want to get married sooner than later,” the insider said. “Wedding planning has already begun and things are in motion. They want their wedding to be really exclusive. They both have a lot of friends but want it to be intimate and special. Kourtney is super excited to get married to Travis. Both Kourtney and Travis are so looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together as soul mates.”

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